WordPress Meetup Ottawa

We had a great meetup last night. What we learned:

1) Blog oriented sites vs. Page oriented sites. Dashboard/Settings/Reading allows us to decide if a user visiting our URL sees the blog or a specific page. In the event you decide on a specific page, it’s a good practice to create a dummy page called “blog” or “articles” and set that as a “posts page” (do this on the same screen). This allows the user to see the blog content.

2) Content in sidebars, footers and so forth: You can use Dashboard/Appearance/Widgets to place content into sidebars.  It’s simple drag and drop. How many sidebars you have is template specific. What content you can drag is plug-in specific.

3) You can have a clickable image in your sidebar using the Text item. The following HTML shows a clickable picture. The picture is uploaded to Dashboard/Media and then we get the URL of the media after uploading. We add the URL of the media to the “src” attribute. Add the URL of any page to the “href” attribute to have the image click through to the page. Below that is an example of a clickable email. The “p” tag means paragraph and it adds a space just before the title “Inventor-artist”.

<a href=”http://mambohead.com/about/”><img src=”http://mambohead.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/bubbles001_160.jpg”></a>
Contact: <a href=”mailto:darcy@siteware.com?subject=Mambohead”>darcy@siteware.com</a>


4) Pages are hierarchical. Some templates may have flyouts to render child pages. Pages are orderable (each page has an order number that you fill in).

5) Posts have three navigation methods that can be given to the user. Reverse chronological, category and tags. Categories are also hierarchical.

6) Avoid deep hierarchies.

7) Some templates allow you to suppress pages or categories from the user interface. But you can also use a custom menu to prune your user interface. Dashboard/Appearance/Menus can be used to create a menu. The menu can contain pages, categories or a custom URL. With custom URL you can add a Tag, an external Web site or a link to anywhere in your site.  After you create and save a menu you can then assign it to Menu 1 position or Menu 2 position. In many templates these are just two layers in the header.

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  1. Child themes are the safest way to customize and tweak your WordPress theme while still allowing you to apply updates to your site. At this meetup, we’ll discuss what a child theme is and the benefits of using one. We’ll also go through the process of creating and activating a child theme, as well as how to make modifications to your WordPress site using a child theme.

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