.com domains vs all the other extensions

I’ve always preached that it’s better to use a .com domain for your project. The difficulty is confusion. You’re lucky to get people to remember your domain name let alone some obscure extension.

What’s going to happen is you’re going to loose important traffic and you wont even know how to measure it since they will be at someone else’s site. They could even be your competitor.


For instance if there is a site called siteware.com, then don’t bother with siteware.ca since people will still go to siteware.com. Even if you say “Siteware dot C A. That’s a dot C A domain and not a dot com”. They will still go home and type siteware.com.

I actually own Siteware.com and I am aware that there have been some other business called Siteware in different countries. I get some of their email and probably some of their Web traffic.

Here is an example of a typical email. What’s happening is they’re typing siteware.com but forgetting the .br.

I’ve been getting stuff like this for quite some time. I asked them if I could show these screen prints so here they are.