Buzzwords of SNT

Dunbar Limit: The tenancy for group size to tend to be about 150. Often confused as a limit of how many friends you can have.

Meme: A meme is behavior, ideas or believes that are copied. Scientists often liken meme propagation through a population to evolution or a contagions because memes  have the main elements of evolution (variationmutationcompetition, and inheritance).

Propinquity: This is a term used to describe the closeness that two nodes in a network have. It was originally used to describe geographic closeness. Your neighbors for example would have more propinquity to you than people across town. It is now used to describe any kind of closeness including interests, hobbies, employment. It is more economical to form ties with people with propinquity.

Social Graph: A fancy word for Social Network.

Social Routing: The means that information, support and other things find paths through a Social Network.

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