31st Dec 2010
Rapid Meme Propagation: A Movement

Rapid Meme Propagation: A Movement

Memes obviously find their way around but what does it take  to be viral? According to this excellent TED video with Derek Sivers, there are a few important features of...

30th Dec 2010

Facebook hack warning! Please change your password immediately to protect your identity! Click to read more.

If this link has been pasted on your wall, please change your password right away because your account password may have been hacked. A friend has placed this warning on...

28th Dec 2010

Social Routing diagrams

I think there’s a lot to learn from social interactions. I am writing an article on Social Routing and am developing some diagrams to show different aspects of it. In...

28th Dec 2010

The Lonely Guy — SNT Analysis for Singles

The Lonely Guy is a silly but Steve Martin movie (in my opinion). It was done in 1984 and is set in New York City Manhattan area. It’s also a...

24th Dec 2010

The Cathedral and the Bazaar: Architecture of Control and Flow

A Cathedral conjures an image of a top down control of a business or people.  Or a top down flow of information. Many people think it’s how things should work...

23rd Dec 2010

Social Media vs. Media in Ottawa Fire

Brian Gamble and his family of the Barrhaven section of Ottawa lost his house on December 18 due to a fire. You can read about it on CTV or the...

08th Dec 2010

Wikileaks and Network Theory (Hubs and Authorities)

“Capable and generous men do not create victims, they nurture them”. — Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Take a look at this video and tell me what you think. I am fascinated to...

05th Dec 2010
Unproductive facebook Memes

Unproductive facebook Memes

There is an interesting meme propagating the facebook community at the moment. People are changing their facebook profile picture to a cartoon in order to support a cause which is...

25th Nov 2010

Awareness, Flying Outhouses and such

I was having a ham sandwich while walking in the rain the other day in the early morning. I was noticing how busy people are (I so happened to have...

11th Nov 2010
Ottawa Mini Maker Faire and Electric Fields Festival

Ottawa Mini Maker Faire and Electric Fields Festival

I had the pleasure of attending the Ottawa Maker Faire. What an amazing event!!! Thanks to Emily and Ryan and the crowd at artengine, the event is now the talk...

20th Oct 2010
Do planners really know what they’re doing?

Do planners really know what they’re doing?

Here’s an experiment where they removed traffic lights. What do you think? In this experiment they removed some traffic lights and found that traffic moved much more efficiently. I think it’s hard...

01st Apr 2010
What is DemoCamp?

What is DemoCamp?

I just got back from an excellent DemoCamp in Toronto. It was Monday night and was organized by David Crow (co-founder of DemoCamp). I highly recommend this business social as it...